Grabber GT

Grabber GT

For fast and powerful SUVs and offroad-vehicles.

Newly developed for high-powered SUVs and offroad vehicles, the Grabber GT is not just really good to look at...

Grabber MT

Grabber MT

The tire for tough off-road use.

Its open and aggressive tread facilitates optimal traction and guarantees outstanding self-cleaning, while the stone ejectors reliably remove stones from the tread...


Eurovan 2

Developed for the highest demands of transporters and vans.

By means of its highly developed tread the Eurovan 2 achieves high mileage...


Snow Grabber

The new General Tire 4x4 winter tire generation with silica technology

Developed for best possible safety in all winter conditions. The tread ensures high cornering stability combined with high traction...

February 26, 2013 On the starting grid: the new General Tire Grabber GT More | Latest News